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Going outside is important! Go for a walk and enjoy nature. And you might receive a message on the way.

What is WalkBy

WalkBy is an application for Android that replicates Streetpass functionality of the Nintendo 3DS. With WalkBy it is possible to exchange drawings with other people who also have the app installed. As soon as you pass another person with the app, your drawing will be exchanged with the other person's drawing. The goal of WalkBy is to encourage people to go outside more.

How does WalkBy work

WalkBy uses location and bluetooth connection to quickly detect other nearby phones and quickly exchange messages. The moment of discovery to exchange messages can take between 10 and 60 seconds depending on the circumstances.

Is WalkBy secure? and how do I prevent inappropriate content from being exchanged?

WalkBy has a feature which prevents random people from sending notes to you. Its called the friend filter. When enabling the friend filter WalkBy will only exchange notes with people in your friendlist. Friends are easy to add and both people must have added each other to be able to exchange notes. Besides the friend filter WalkBy also has other systems in place to prevent people from sending inappropriate content, and further improvements in the system are planned.

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