AnonAddy for Android

Easily create and manage your AnonAddy aliases, recipients and more from your phone, tablet or watch with this gorgeous AnonAddy app for Android

Compose (AnonAddy for Android Wearables)

100% Open-source. 100% love

AnonAddy for Android, like AnonAddy, is completely open source. 100% of it is written in kotlin. As an added bonus, 100% love is also committed.

A UI you will love

AnonAddy for Android has a sleek, clear design with appropriate animations. The unique design is designed by JustPlayingHard.

I believe that every app should have a dark mode. AnonAddy for Android takes dark mode to a new level.

Play Store required

Time for quick access

Want to quickly activate and deactivate aliases without having to grab your phone? No problem! Access your favorite aliases right from your wrist with AnonAddy for Android Wearables

Hello big screen

AnonAddy for Android can be used on smartphones, tablets and foldables! The UI adjusts automatically.

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