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About me and my team

I am an enthusiastic programmer that loves to share his work with the world. Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact me!

My team

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Lead developer, Designer

My focus when I work on projects

Seamlessly combine fitting designs, optimized code and user feedback

Many people underestimate a good user interface and user experience when creating an application. While this is the first thing users see and judge. A good first impression is just as important for software as an introduction in real life.

That's why I work with my team on interfaces that appeal to the user, are easy to use, and are fast and fluid.
A good impression often starts with the looks

The backend of software is the core around which everything revolves. A good core makes it possible to make future adjustments faster and better. This includes but is not limited to using asynchronous tasks, keeping your code clean and prevent duplicate code.

I am a big fan of the Jetbrains IDEs because these make code clutter free and help me keep the code clean.

Feedback from users, providing support with problems and thinking along with solutions.
Experience has shown that the above is crucial to keep your user base satisfied and to grow.

Besides the fact that I enjoy helping users with their problems, feedback and points for improvement are of course more than welcome!


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