I make apps.

Yup, that's what I've been doing for years. I make apps in all shapes and sizes. As long as it's fun to do, I'll keep doing it.

My interests

What am I good at. What do I like?

The best thing about programming is being able to share the result with others.

I turn liquid and chocolate into lines of code that make life easier
Kotlin is by far my favorite programming language! Lambda FTW!
I am a big Android fan and phone collector!
I play a game every now and then, I'm a bit of a Nintendo fanboy myself and always up for Splatoon!
I wouldn't call it obsessive, but Telegram is my life. If you need me, please do so via Telegram
Video and streaming
There is not enough content in the world for me! I like watching YouTube and Twitch in my spare time
Create. Share. Enjoy.

My most popular projects

These are some of my projects, which I could call somewhat successful.

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Cometin is a free*, growing collection of tweaks and tricks to optimize your productivity and improve the Android experience.

addy.io app (Android)

Easily create and manage your addy.io aliases, recipients and more from your phone or tablet with this sexy addy.io app for Android.
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Assistant Shortcuts

With Assistant Shortcuts, it's possible to adjust your assistant button on your phone to a command without root!. You can, for example, view your notifications by calling your assistant.


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